The tagline 'The Veterinary Perspective' must always remain in English and not be translated.

The font for all taglines should be Poppins SemiBold. In digital assets such as emails and websites, the tagline sits underneath the headline.

Wherever there is body copy sitting underneath a header, it should sit directly under the headline. Therefore, the tagline should move to the bottom-left.

For brochure covers, and other assets where an image covers the bottom-left space, the tagline should sit at the bottom-left of the available blank space.

Brand Headlines

We have 5 headlines, which will be used with The Veterinary Perspective tagline.

These headlines can be translated but the tagline, The Veterinary Perspective, will always remain in English.

   Your challenge is our challenge

   Your point of view

   Understanding your world

   We look at things your way

   Putting the focus on you