First-person perspective for the POV of an on-the-job expert by always having hands in the shot.

Natural and directional lighting where possible.

Short focal depth focused on the main subject.

Authentic and credible tasks being done.

Empathetic human and animal interactions.

Real credibility. Real environments. Real equipment

Stock usage

More crisp and vivid colour. Contrast and definition. Like a vet’s view in high definition. Confident and more expert in feel

Using the aperture

In order to create your own Veterinary Perspective image, you must start by creating a rectangle with 2 rounded edges, forming the D shape. This will be your aperture.

Then you must select the POV image of your choice and insert it into the ‘D’ frame. Finally, you should use Photoshop to isolate the point of interaction. In this case, it’s the vet’s arms.

You could use any foreground point of the image that you wish to emphasise, such as a pet being stroked or a vet holding a stethoscope.

Then you should overlay the isolated point of interaction over the ‘D’ aperture.