Brand Category Overview

This page outlines the different brands that exist at Dechra. This document will help you decide how to use these brands together.

Brand Hierarchy Overview

The Dechra logo must be present in all assets; the hierarchies below define its position and importance.​



Glossary of Terms

Dechra Brand

This refers to the Dechra logo and Veterinary Perspective brand assets. 

Dechra Brand Assets

Any artwork, colours, fonts, logos or elements relating to The Veterinary Perspective branding. This includes the D-shaped device often used to contain brand imagery and species icons.

Therapy Area

These are the categories in which our products can be defined by the conditions they treat. This includes areas such as Anaesthesia and Analgesia, Endocrinology or Nutrition, etc.

Product Branding

The visual identity for each individual product brand, including logos, fonts, colours and imagery.

Academy Branding

The visual identity of Dechra Academy; our digital learning platform.





Species Area

This defines the group of animals our products treat. Companion Animal products (CAP.), are for cats, dogs etc. Food Producing Animal products (FAP.), are for cattle, sheep or poultry. Equine products are for horses, donkeys, etc.

Primary Lead

The main brand to be used in the new asset’s design. This should be most prominent and the logo for this should be used in the top left position as much as possible.

Secondary Lead

This refers to any additional brand logos to be used alongside the primary lead when creating assets. The logos for these should appear on the new asset in a less prominent position than the Primary Lead brand.

Animal Pictogram

These are the small animal icons which appear on packaging artwork.