The Dechra logo

When specifying a size for the logo, always refer to the total height, from the top of the ‘D’ to the bottom of the lowest letter in the words underneath ‘Dechra’. This will give an absolute measurement, ensuring the logo is correctly positioned vertically. When positioning the logo horizontally, measurements are taken to either end of the ‘Dechra’ wording.

To enable the logo to appear prominently without interference, a MINIMUM exclusion zone must be observed around the logo. This is calculated from the height of the Dechra ‘D’ stroke as indicated to the right, regardless of logo scale.

When positioning the logo against an edge, an area equivalent to three times the exclusion zone MUST be kept clear to avoid the logo printing too close to the edge. See the grey exclusion zone to the right.

The minimum size the standard Dechra logo can be used with a tagline is 25 mm. 


The logo should sit in the top-left corner wherever possible. However, there are often situations where this isn’t possible and there is some flexibility to suit the design. In this case, you should position the logo in the corner of the document (top right, bottom left or bottom right corner.)

How not to use the Dechra logo

Logo use within video

Throughout all video content, except at the very end when the logo takes centre-stage, the Dechra logo should be present in the top-left corner (never the bottom-left corner, as this could be obscured by captions).

The investor-facing logo is NOT used, as this adds clutter to the screen when the video is in motion, and will be hard to read for most video sizes. To make the composition cleaner still, the ‘D’ shape may be used on its own, without the ‘Dechra’ text or registered trademark symbol.

The width of the consumer-facing logo should always be 10% of the width of the video. For a standard 1920x1080px video, this means the logo should be 192 pixels wide. If the ‘D’ is used on its own, it should be the same size (i.e, 10% of the width of the ‘D’ in the consumer-facing logo).

The ‘D’ part of the logo should always be positioned 5% of the total video resolution away from the borders. For a standard 1920x1080px video, this means the ‘D’ should be inset 96 pixels from the left, and 54 from the top edge of the video.

As standard, the logo will be white, at 100% opacity. However, when the top left corner of the video is also white, or light enough to make the logo hard to see, the logo can be switched to the navy version.

Each piece of video should end with the Dechra logo, in the centre of the screen, on a solid colour background. The colours chosen here should cohere with the colours chosen for any brand elements seen throughout the rest of the video, see the colour page for permitted colour combinations.

The short logo animation provided should be used where possible, but a static image of the logo is also permitted.

Any additional information (calls to action etc) should appear in the previous scene, before the logo animation begins.