Our market positioning

By seeing things from the Veterinary Perspective, Dechra puts the focus back on veterinary professionals. We care about veterinary professionals, and we understand them and the challenges they experience on a daily basis.

From solving the extraordinary every day, to giving the best care to their patients, to developing relationships with owners and farmers, to helping their businesses thrive, veterinary professionals need a partner who understands their needs and gives them the support they deserve.

At Dechra, that’s what we do. Their challenge is our challenge. That’s why we strive to give veterinary professionals the training, support and information they need to provide the best care and enable better communication with owners and farmers.

And we look at developing our evidence-based treatments from the Veterinary Perspective – helping the veterinary community prevent, control and manage rare, misunderstood and common diseases. We’re not just like other animal pharma companies. We are the veterinary professionals’ pharma company because we approach everything from their perspective.

Dechra. The Veterinary Perspective.

Our messaging

How do we differentiate ourselves from other animal pharma companies and truly connect with veterinary professionals, without forgetting the foundations of science?

 Primary MessageWe look at everything from the veterinary perspective to build a more resilient, sustainable future for animals around the world.
 Secondary Message

From rising to complex daily challenges, giving your patients the best care, developing relationships with your clients, and helping your business grow, you can rely on Dechra to understand and provide the support you need to thrive.​

We're not like other animal pharma companies. We are the veterinary professionals’ pharma company because we approach everything from your perspective. We develop our evidence-based treatments with you in mind, helping you prevent, control and manage rare, misunderstood and common diseases. Your challenge, and we're by your side helping you find the right solutions every day.


Trust in the best care

Leading science made accessible

The experts is specialisy knowledge

Over the last 25+ years, Dechra has grown into a global force dedicated to providing you with the best care, service and products. Not only for you but for your clients too.​

By investing in a broad range of medical solutions and emphasising R&D in novel products, we support you in treating difficult and evolving animal health conditions. Doing so, we help you demonstrate excellence to your clients and patients.​

We see your passion. We empathise with the unique challenges you experience every day. That's why you can rely on us for support that helps you and the animals in your care to thrive.


We’re here to help you in your mission to improve the health and wellbeing of animals. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can trust us to make our global innovations accessible to you. ​

We go above and beyond to provide you with market-leading training and expert support, created in conjunction with some of the best experts across the globe. ​

Our flexible content fits into your busy life, keeping you upskilled at every stage of your career.​

We also constantly search for new ways.

We are the experts in specialist knowledge. We help you solve the extraordinary every day.

Our expertise helps veterinarians like you develop your confidence and ability to treat challenging diagnoses that are critical to animal care. From endocrinology and anaesthetics to analgesia and dermatology, we're always here to support you so that, together, we can improve the lives of animals and their owners.​

Our network of expert technical support spans the globe. So, wherever you are, you can access help quickly, efficiently and with confidence.